About Us

“Plaisir de la Cave” literally “pleasure of the cellar” or “cellar’s pleasure”.
It’s not so easy to translate but after couple glasses of fermented grape juice it starts to all make sense!

And no this is not the next X rated novel from EL James but a symbol of what we stand for: The love for good food and wine.

We are a small business trying to bring some good to this world.
Since one has to start somewhere, where better than with good wine and great food?

A belief? Food is not fuel. It is a celebration of life.
And each time one drinks wine in a plastic cup somewhere a wine fairy dies crying! (so save our wine fairies please! no more plastic cups…)

Our promise? To never betray Luke and his commandment “Sell to others what you would sell to yourself!”

A quote? Many but especially love this one from none else than Mr. 100$
“wine is constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy.” – Ben Franklin

Jean – Founder